An Exciting Announcement!

No, I’m not pregnant.  ;)

I’ve been published! In a real book!  The Mormons: An Illustrated History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was published on October 8, 2013 – just two days ago!  An editor contacted me about a year and a half ago about using one of my pictures in an upcoming book they were publishing.  We worked out the details, but I didn’t hear anymore from them and forgot about it.  I kind of thought the project fell through or something.  But by chance I contacted them last month and they said the book would be available this October.  So I finally have a copy in my hands, and it’s a beautiful book, full of gorgeous illustrations and pictures about the history of the LDS church.

published mormon wedding lds san diego temple photography book

My picture comes toward the end of the chapter about temples and families by Richard O. Cowan.  This is a lovely couple, and I had the privilege of photographing their temple sealing back in 2009 – almost 5 years ago!  My style has changed a bit, but I still love this picture.

published mormon wedding lds san diego temple photography book

If you want to check out the book, you can find it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Let me know what you think. :)

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