Contest Results

So everyone is asking where the pictures are found.  I guess the challenge was harder than I thought.  Thank you to everyone who participated and took the time to look through my images.

First, I will show you the screen shots from and tell you where they are located on my blog.  Then I will announce the winner of the free mini session.

The top banner picture of the LDS Newport Beach Temple is from Kelli and Todd’s wedding.  It’s also located on a second page on, so I accepted this answer for the “hidden” picture.

The next picture is from Matt and Christina’s wedding at the LDS Los Angeles Temple.  The real “hidden” picture no one found.  It is behind the photo of Matt and Christina, and it’s actually a different picture.

The third picture is from Sharon, Stanley and Katelyn’s holiday mini session.

And the winner of the free mini photo session is…… Danielle McKee!!  It seems appropriate since she also happened to be the first person to finish the challenge just a few hours after I announced it.  Congratulations, Danielle!  Please email me to arrange a time and date for your photo session:

And to all those who entered but did not win, I will offer a $50 discount if you would like a photo shoot.  This offer is good for one portrait session, and must take place by August 31, 2010.  Contact me for pricing and details:

2 Responses to “Contest Results”

  1. viv Says:

    Oh bummer!
    Congrats to Danielle though:)

  2. Danielle McKee Says:

    Yay for me!! Im super excited!