Photoshop Actions

Lately I’ve been thinking about how I can make this blog more useful for my clients and friends interested in photography, so I thought I should start sharing tips and tricks.

Many people ask me how I process my images.  I edit each photo in photoshop, where I retouch color, exposure, sharpen among other things.  To do many of these routine things, I use several different “actions” which is how photoshop records a certain set of events that I want to repeat quickly over and over again.  You can purchase sets of these actions, and when I first started editing my own images this was a lifesaver.  It saves so much time and allows you to try different artistic approaches to your images.  Two places I have would definitely recommend actions from are: MCP Actions and Totally Rad Actions.

Right now, MCP Actions is having a contest where they are giving away a free version of Photoshop CS5.  If you like photography, Photoshop is essential to help finish off your images.  To enter, MCP Actions is asking for a creative use of their name/logo showing what their actions mean to you.  My creative husband Brian thought of this idea to use a directors clapboard to signify “action” and the production of your images.

I thought these images of little Levi were so cute, I just had to share my entry.   :)
MCP Photoshop Actions

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  2. Chrisann Cope Says:

    Those are adorable. Love it, great idea Brian.