I’ve been experimenting with some new lighting techniques.  So what better way to practice blow out, background lighting than with my angelic baby Levi.  He really is just perfect, especially that cute baby bottom.

I needed to pull out these pictures and share.  It’s been a tough day.  This afternoon, big brother Elijah threw a rock.  A BIG rock about the size of a baseball.  It bounced and hit Levi in the face.  Levi got a bloody nose and fat lip.  When he calmed down enough for me to look and see what the damage was, I realized he had a pretty deep gash inside his mouth.  His top teeth severed the little tendon that attaches the gums to the lips.  The doctor says they won’t fix it.  Apparently it’s just cosmetic.  But it just kills me that my perfect baby boy will always have this scar.  His first blemish from this world.

I am grateful to know that it is merely a physical blemish that will fade.  More important than that is the relationship between these two brothers.  They love each other so much.  Elijah always wants to help get the baby new toys or books and is very quick to share.  He sits in front of him making faces, while they both giggle together.  And most of all, he worries about him when Levi cries and is hurt.  I can tell that Elijah felt very sorry for what he did.  I’m sure they will be back playing together tomorrow.  And I hope they will always be close throughout their lives.

baby window light stand

baby window light stand

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