Downtown Los Angeles & Union Station Trash the Dress

Amrah and her hubby just got married and were up for a Trash the Dress session in Downtown Los Angeles.  We were lucky enough to be joined by Doug from Furious Photographers, who gave me some tips on posing and composition.  In addition, all the images are processed with their line of grunge textures.

We started out at this awesome graffiti wall in Downtown LA, near the art district.  Doesn’t Amrah look like a model?  It was great working with them.

Then we headed over to Los Angeles Union Station for some romantic vintage shots.  This is the old lobby which is usually reserved for weddings.  But if you are quick and look out for security guards then you can snag a photo here.

This beautiful golden light was streaming in the windows, which made for a perfect low key image.

Very dramatic – I love it!

Then we headed back to the tunnels for a few moody shots.  I think we picked the busiest tunnel, but we made it work and it was worth it.

As we left Union Station, the sunset light was streaming through the windows for a perfect last shot.

Doug had to leave, but we headed over to Olvera Street for a few last shots in the sunset light.  This little tree was in a meridian in the middle of the street, but it had beautiful light streaming through.  I hope you didn’t mind all the rush hour drivers gawking, because I think it was worth it for these.

Olvera Street had some interesting architecture.  Gotta love this almost kiss.

A last farewell shot.  Thanks for being up for anything.  It was fun to get to know you guys.


4 Responses to “Downtown Los Angeles & Union Station Trash the Dress”

  1. Lawrence @ Tofurious Says:

    wicked images! love the use of textures!

  2. Emily Says:

    I love your new website! It looks great. the pictures from union station are so romantic. everytime i am in there, i see people taking photographs.

  3. Kristen Leigh Says:

    Oh mymymy! These are just STUNNNING! You are fabulous! Woot :D

  4. Deborah Says:

    I have to say I LOVE the pictures of the couple in the train station, it looks like an ad you’d see in vogue or something like that! Great job of course! =)