Monrovia Mini Christmas Shoots

A few weeks before Christmas, I was invited by a local Mom’s group to hold a group of mini photo sessions for holiday cards.  So we scheduled a couple of hours on Saturday morning, and their members signed up for short time slots.  I have somewhat resisted doing mini sessions in the past because it takes time for most people to open up in front of the camera and I like to have plenty of time to try creative and artistic shots.  However, I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was to quickly work with these families for some nice portraits.  It was a challenge to see what I couple accomplish in a short amount of time.  I still prefer full length sessions and feel that families get more of a complete package, with creativity and variety, but it was fun!

Here is the first session. I photographed the Scheidlers before when Sarah was pregnant (view that session HERE).  So it was nice to see their family again and capture some memories with their boys.

Next I was happy to photograph Sharon and her family.  I loved that Sharon and Stanley were so joyful and happy.  Their little girl, Katelyn, was a little more serious.  We tried for laughs and giggles, but she was much more content to sit and watch me work – probably wondering what the weird lady was doing with that big black box.

Here’s something embarrassing.  I didn’t know who was signed up ahead of time, and when I saw Nicole, she looked familiar so I asked her if we’ve met at one of the mom’s meetups or something.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said she knows me from Stroller Strides, which is an exercise class I go to every morning!!  Oops!  In my defense, she looks a lot different in workout gear.  And I was distracted with everything going on.  But there’s no excuse – I’m a dork.  Now you know.

Next, I had the opportunity to photograph Robyn and her beautiful baby girl.  It was so sweet to photograph this mom and daughter.  Robyn know how to bring out the biggest smiles and giggles from her girl.

Then I got to photograph Julia and her family.  Julia brought some wonderful colorful blankets and hats for little Zach.  What an adorable little boy!

For my next mini shoot, I was able to meet up with Katie and her family again.  I love their sweet family and it was so nice to photograph them again (see their first session HERE).  The last time I photographed them, little Lauren was a newborn and now she is a year old!  So I took a few pictures just of Lauren for her first birthday.

Finally, I met up with Dare to take a few pictures of her littlest boy, Bryce.  Bryce is 6 months old and Dare is ready to submit him to some acting and modeling agencies.  I have worked with Dare in the past for headshots for her oldest, Mason (check them out HERE and HERE).

Thanks everyone for having me photograph your families.  I hope we can do it again next year.  :)

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  1. cAREEN jONES Says:

    CUTE, CUTE, CUTE! What great shots in mini sessions!

  2. Danielle McKee Says:

    Sharon and family is featured on under Our values>>freedom to choose>>taking a stand

  3. Mary B. Says:

    The photo with Sharon is on the mormon website!

  4. Desiree O'Leary Says:

    Here’s the third one!
    (under Taking a Stand)

  5. Viv Says:

    Whew I found all three…yay me!
    The photo on this post can be found on the LDS site under “Taking a Stand”.

  6. Sharon Says:

    Yay that’s our photo! :) It’s found here under “taking a stand:”