Newport Beach LDS Temple Photography

On October 17th, Kelli and Todd White were sealed in the Newport Beach LDS Temple.  I was so honored when they asked my husband and I to photograph their wedding day.  And interestingly once we started talking, we realized that I was in the same ward as Todd’s dad and the reception was going to be in a fellow ward member’s home.  I couldn’t believe it.  And as I later found out at the reception, that meant that I knew nearly half the people there, which is very odd for us to know anyone at a wedding (other than the bride and groom of course).

The “front” view of the Newport Beach LDS Temple.  I was quite impressed with how lovely the grounds were.  There was so much variety to photograph, which is uncommon with many smaller temples.

Kelli and Todd, exiting the temple as husband and wife.

They were quite overwhelmed with emotion and seeing everyone there for them.

A quick one on temple steps before all the group photos.

I don’t show many group photos normally because they are so straightforward, but I couldn’t resist showing their lovely bridal party.

Of course, we needed a few in front of the temple.

Kelli totally worked it out with her orange shoes.  I loved it!  What a cute detail that shows her personality.

Then we got a few portraits of Kelli and Todd.  These are my favorite types of pictures to take.  I love the closeness and love you can feel between them.  It helps that they are a gorgeous couple.

Very very quickly before the reception, we headed over to Balboa Island for a few shots getting a Balboa Bar.  This place is special to them, as it is where they went on many dates and where Todd proposed.  I couldn’t believe that Kelli was up for eating ice cream (chocolate no less) in her wedding dress.  I am so glad she did.

Everyone was walking by congratulating them and giving well wishes, it was hard to get a photograph!

Just had to note that this wasn’t their trash, they didn’t litter.  But it makes for a good photograph anyway.  :)

A quick kiss in the alley while we waited for the car.

And then we made it to the reception.

They had a lovely band.

First dance.

And then everyone else joined in.

A little later, Todd surprised Kelli with a song he wrote and performed for her

My hubby Brian got these last few shots of the groomsmen decorating their getaway car.  They were so fun, I had to share.

Congratulations, Kelli and Todd!  Thank you for asking us to be a part of your wedding day.  We were grateful to share in your love and memories.

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  1. Danielle McKee Says:

    The picture of the temple is featured on under Christ’s church>>blessings of temples

  2. Desiree O'Leary Says:

    Here’s another one!
    (under Blessings of Temples)

  3. Mary B. Says:

    Finally found it thanks to Greg! The temple pic is under Christ’s church/blessings of temples

  4. viv Says:

    Yay- the temple photo is on the LDS site (Blessing of Temples)!

  5. Kelli White Says:

    This Newport Beach Temple photo is on 2 pages. The “visit us” page and on the “Christ’s Church” page under “Blessings of the Temple” section. This is so neat to have the picture of the temple you took on our wedding day on the website. Nice work Amber!

  6. Sharon Says:

    The picture of the temple is found here on the website under “Blessings of temples”:
    Also here:

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