Elijah dumped dirt on my bedroom floor.  While I was cleaning that up, he spilled salt all over my dining room floor.  While I was cleaning that up, he dumped his very dirty cars into the bathroom sink, making a big muddy mess.  I decided to give up and just take pictures.

Eli loooooves his cars.  Each morning, he grabs his basket of cars and takes them to his road blanket and lines them all up as if they are all in LA rush hour traffic and then he parks them all side by side, as if they were in a hellish mall parking lot during the holidays.  Then he repeats it all over again (hmmmm, I think he may be imitating daddy’s endless commute to work).   He takes good care of them too.  If he gets them all dirty in the sandbox (which is really just a dirt-pile, but it makes me feel better to call it a sandbox), then he wants to wash them off in a “car wash”.  He definitely doesn’t get this from us.  I don’t think I’ve washed my car since I don’t know when: before the baby was born? or before I was even pregnant? sad.

As we were cleaning up Eli’s cars, baby Levi decided to make a HUGE blowout diaper.  The kind that involves throwing away clothes and taking him straight to a bath.  So I gave Elijah a towel and told him to dry his cars off.  Note to self: give toddler more instruction about taking them OUT of the water first.  Yeah – this is pretty much my life as a mom.

One Response to “Messes”

  1. cAREEN jONES Says:

    He’s such a busy boy (and so cute!). Glad you grabbed your camera!