Pregnant Women are Smug

When I was pregnant, my friend at work told me that she dropped her son in the hospital.  One minute she was groggily holding the baby to her breast, trying to feed him, and the next thing she knew the baby was screaming on the linoleum floor and nurses were rushing into the room.

‘That’s awful!’ I thought.  ‘I would never let my baby fall.’  Yeah, I’ll admit it – I was a bit smug.

Check out this song: Pregnant Women are Smug by Garfunkel and Oates.

But that was before I had kids.  The night we brought my oldest son home from the hospital, I was trying to feed him in the middle-of-the-night delirium that is new motherhood.  Well, you can guess.  He rolled off the couch onto the floor.  Yep – I was THAT mom.  And it only took a few days to get there.  There’s nothing like kids to make you humble.

With my second child, I have realized that no matter my shortcomings as an ignorant new mother, the oldest child has it easy.  No mother goes around hitting their baby on the head with a rattle.  But a big brother does.  Hard enough to leave a lump.  Poor baby.

I think we moms are so judgmental of each other and we shouldn’t be.  Because no matter how smug you are that your baby sleeps, eats or poops, the minute you brag to yourself – everything changes.

And because a post isn’t very interesting without pictures.  Here’s a series of pictures that summarizes my life right now:

No baby was harmed in the making of these pictures.  But I do have them enlarged and framed in my dining room, and every night my toddler will say, “Baby crying.  Baby crying.”  And I say, “Yes, that’s why we don’t hit the baby.”

I will get back to posting photo shoots soon.  I am just in the middle of busy Christmas card season and I can hardly keep up with editing them, much less posting them here.  :)

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  1. janet merkley Says:

    Amber, it is so good to see the boys, especially since we’ve never seen the baby. They are so cute. Give them kisses for me. We missed you all at the reunion! Seeing you in the midst of motherhood makes me smile and brings back many memories. Life becomes more and more full when you add people to your family. It’s not just a good life it’s the best life! I am now at the beginnings of the life as a Grammy and it’s as wonderful as being a mom, if not more so! Enjoy your season. It passes faster than you think.