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Baby Asher is 6 months old!

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Here are my baby Asher’s 6 month old pictures! I can’t believe it, but in fact, he’s actually 7 months old now.  It’s taken me a month to post his 6 month old baby pictures.  Yikes! He really is growing up too fast, especially because we have been so stressed the past 2 months.  My husband has been having some significant health problems, requiring 3 surgeries, which has really put our lives on hold.  It has made me examine my priorities and put a lot of things in perspective, like how precious our lives here on earth are.  I definitely have my moments of being completely overwhelmed and not coping very well, but when I calm down and focus on what’s important, I just want to hug my boys tight and savor each moment we have together.

So here is baby Asher.  At 6 months, he is sitting up…

baby 6 months photography

and crawling all over the place.  :)

baby 6 months photography

I love his yummy little fingers and toes.

baby 6 months photography

The best feeling in the world, comes from seeing these 3 sweet brothers together.  Levi (2) is so loving, he is full of hugs and kisses for Asher.  Elijah (4) dotes on Asher, wanting to make sure he is happy all the time.  And Asher always wants to be near his brothers.  He crawls after them and tries to get their toys, but he definitely wants his space too.  I just love this sequence.  It shows all their personalities.

baby 6 months photography brothers

I love you baby Asher.  I am so happy you are in our family.  You brighten my day with your cute smiles and laughs.

baby 6 months photography