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Newport Beach LDS Temple Photography

Friday, January 8th, 2010

On October 17th, Kelli and Todd White were sealed in the Newport Beach LDS Temple.  I was so honored when they asked my husband and I to photograph their wedding day.  And interestingly once we started talking, we realized that I was in the same ward as Todd’s dad and the reception was going to be in a fellow ward member’s home.  I couldn’t believe it.  And as I later found out at the reception, that meant that I knew nearly half the people there, which is very odd for us to know anyone at a wedding (other than the bride and groom of course).

The “front” view of the Newport Beach LDS Temple.  I was quite impressed with how lovely the grounds were.  There was so much variety to photograph, which is uncommon with many smaller temples.

Kelli and Todd, exiting the temple as husband and wife.

They were quite overwhelmed with emotion and seeing everyone there for them.

A quick one on temple steps before all the group photos.

I don’t show many group photos normally because they are so straightforward, but I couldn’t resist showing their lovely bridal party.

Of course, we needed a few in front of the temple.

Kelli totally worked it out with her orange shoes.  I loved it!  What a cute detail that shows her personality.

Then we got a few portraits of Kelli and Todd.  These are my favorite types of pictures to take.  I love the closeness and love you can feel between them.  It helps that they are a gorgeous couple.

Very very quickly before the reception, we headed over to Balboa Island for a few shots getting a Balboa Bar.  This place is special to them, as it is where they went on many dates and where Todd proposed.  I couldn’t believe that Kelli was up for eating ice cream (chocolate no less) in her wedding dress.  I am so glad she did.

Everyone was walking by congratulating them and giving well wishes, it was hard to get a photograph!

Just had to note that this wasn’t their trash, they didn’t litter.  But it makes for a good photograph anyway.  :)

A quick kiss in the alley while we waited for the car.

And then we made it to the reception.

They had a lovely band.

First dance.

And then everyone else joined in.

A little later, Todd surprised Kelli with a song he wrote and performed for her

My hubby Brian got these last few shots of the groomsmen decorating their getaway car.  They were so fun, I had to share.

Congratulations, Kelli and Todd!  Thank you for asking us to be a part of your wedding day.  We were grateful to share in your love and memories.

Calabasas Family Photography

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Here’s another family session we did before Christmas.  Prepare yourself for an onslaught of these family shoots – I am WAY behind on my blogging.  Karen and I chatted about fun locations and fun ideas for the shoot, but when I met them at their home in Calabasas it just made sense to do the shoot there.  They were relaxed and had fun playing together in their yard, so we scratched the second location idea and just stayed at their home.  I am so glad we did.  Look at this lovely family.  They just make me smile.

They were always up for tickles, especially their youngest, Christian.

The beautiful Rachel and her dad, Manuel.

And here is Andrew.  He is 12 or 13 I believe.  I’ve often wondered what my boys will be like when they get older.  If they are anything like Andrew I will be so proud.  He was so kind and helpful and happy the whole shoot.

And lastly, Karen and Manuel.  They were so sweet and loving together, even when I asked them to kiss (which some parents look at my crazy when I suggest this – really?).  Manuel is learning to play the guitar so he can serenade Karen.  How romantic.

Rachel wants to be a model and I bet she could do it.  Look at those gorgeous eyes and lovely long hair!  One of her favorite books is Twilight, and I’m convinced she looks like Bella.

I love the personalities and expressions in this shot.  Sure, we got some more traditional ones of the kids together, but I can’t help loving this fun one with Andrew trying to knock them all over.

So fun!  I loved this beautiful family.

And bubbles again.  I could not resist.  They are so fun!

I could not resist showing this last one of Christian.  I sometimes tell kids that there is a bug in my camera and if they look real close they will see it move (the shutter).  Christian got sooooo into it.  He REALLY wanted to see the bug in my camera.  Can you tell?

Temple City Family and Baby Photography

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

My friend Michelle asked me to come take pictures of their new baby Maya, as well as some family shots for their Christmas cards.  I had to start with some fun ones of the family all together.  Brandon is the most respectful and attentive 3 year old I’ve ever met.  He was pretty excited on the day of the shoot, so he helped me out with some pictures, like this one framing their family.

3 year olds are always up for lots of tickles and giggles.  I love laughing pictures – they are so full of life.

And adorable baby Maya is just 3 months old.  She is the perfect little Gerber baby.

Mmmm – feel the love.

We took some sweet newborn shots of Maya.  We had to capture those baby blues.

And these lovely ones with her mama.

Next we headed outside for some fun family shots.  I loved these bubble shots.  I don’t know why, but bubbles in pictures always make me happy.

We did a quick outfit change to something more Christmas-y.  And the family rocked it out with the piano.  I can’t get enough of Brandon’s expression.  This was the photo Michelle featured on her Christmas cards and she couldn’t have picked a better one.  I love that it has so much expression and life and love.  So much better than just sitting in a row.

Shortly after above picture, both kids decided they were pretty much done with pictures.  I love Brandons expression and Maya’s wiggly-ness.

Mom got Brandon on board for a few last shots.

And even one with their dogs.

Maya was pooped and needed a long nap after all that excitement.  They put her in this bassinet and I just had to take a picture.  It was all hand-painted for them by their Aunt I believe.  What a beautiful keepsake for their family.

Update: There’s one last picture I wanted to add because I don’t think this post is complete without it, but I needed to ask Michelle’s permission to share such a personal image.  A year ago, Michelle and Brett lost their precious baby girl, Emma, due to a umbilical cord accident when she was 20 weeks.  Emma is always close in their thoughts, so during the session I asked Michelle if there was anything they would like photographed in honor of Emma.  She showed me this candle, which they lit on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day (October 15th) for all babies who left this world much too soon.

I love this image for it’s simplicity and symbolism.  The curling tendrils of smoke seem to me as if Emma’s spirit was there with us, dancing around her family.  I am in awe of you, Michelle, for your love and strength.  Thanks for letting me share your story.