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Kidspace Family Photography

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

I was so excited to photograph Tracy, Will, Lily and Benjamin at Kidspace earlier this month.  Tracy picked Kidspace in Pasadena for the session and it was a perfect place for the family to have some fun together.  I loved the variety and opportunity for the family to interact.

Lily loved to make faces at the camera.

Benjamin having a blast with daddy.

There was this fun fountain that shot up periodically.  The kids had fun running through it.

Some fun climbing areas for Benjamin – the little monkey!

I was glad we went during the fall, so we could take advantage of the bales of hay Kidspace makes into a hay maze.  Lily and Benjamin throwing hay in the air.

And running through the maze.

I loved the light in the hay maze.

Kidspace had this beautiful field of flowers that matched Lily’s hat, and as a bonus it matched some of Tracy’s scrapbook paper – yay!  This is my favorite series of the day, with my favorite photo first:

I thought it was funny that the hat fit Tracy so well.  :)

Thanks for letting me share the day with you, I love your family and am sad you will be moving soon.

Altadena Family Portraits

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

In an attempt to get caught up, here is another family shoot I did in Altadena a couple of weeks ago. This family was so beautiful together. Their faces shine with emotion and love for one another. It was so much fun to capture their personalities. Thanks for having me over to photograph your family.

A nice family portrait.

Too bad Ari was not interested. She wanted to go play.

I love that mom is the one swinging her around.

Fun times with mom.

Daddy making Jojo laugh. What a cutie!

All the girls and their matching flowers. Their backyard was filled with all kinds of beautiful flowers. I kept being drawn to these vibrant purple ones. I asked if they planned their colors to match these flowers, but they claimed it was a coincidence.

A sweet moment with Jojo and Mama.

They had this awesome hammock and great lighting – what’s not to love? This sweet family moment is my favorite portrait of the whole family.

Jojo had eyes only for her big sis.

And Ari was so loving to her.

But she did want her play time.

While Ari played on the slide, Mama nursed little Jojo. I love her little hand holding on to mom’s finger. Liliana was nice enough to let me post a nursing picture. I think it is beautiful.

Ari stealing the show again. What a ham!

My favorite shot of the day.

Pasadena Family Photography

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

Whew! I have had a slew of family portrait sessions in preparation for the holidays, and more to come! I have many to post, but here is one sweet family. I know Kami through the mom’s meet up group. I was so excited when she asked me to take pictures of their family for the holidays. Their family is so sweet; they really look after one another and their son so affectionately. It was neat to watch their interactions. They suggested doing the photo shoot at Victory Park in Pasadena, and I am so glad to discover this park. I absolutely loved the playground equipment with it’s bright colors and frames.

A nice family portrait:

Jackson loved to play with mom and dad.  He was so animated interacting with them.

I love his expression – it seems to say, “Yuck, no kissing!”

Jackson loved this game with daddy.  He was pretty good balancing on his hands.

Headed to the park to play on the equipment.

There were some awesome frames and bright colors – just perfect.

He wasn’t very interested in the swings though.

Daddy wanted to get a few shots in front of these beautiful mountains.